24/7 Video Surveillance and Security

We provide 24/7 video surveillance, as well as security for the entire perimeter of our parking lot.

You travel comfortably when you know that your car stays with us!
Everybody thinks about the possessions back home when they travel. Especially when the trip may take more than a simple city break. Our clients have stated that they are not comfortable leaving their cars in the parking lots near their homes.

We keep an eye on your car
And this is not even a figure of speech or an exaggeration, but a promise. We have implemented the ParkEyes system, a system unique in Romania, with non-stop monitoring of every parking spot in the entire complex. Apart from letting you know where your parking space is once you reach Olimpia Airport Parking and letting us know which places are occupied, it also helps us see everything going on in the parking lot. Our intelligent surveillance and parking management system catches everything.

Not only that, but we also have permanent security staff on location, access based only on reservation or pick up schedule, and every movement inside the complex is recorded by us. The parking lot car flow is meant to facilitate fast entries and fast exits. There are no situations in which drivers end up driving around looking for the exit. By limiting random movements, we also limit the risk of accidents, making this the safest guarded parking lot at the Otopeni airport. This is not a guarantee you have when you leave your car in front of your apartment building or in any other standard parking lot, with no security and no surveillance.

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