Dedicated Parking Spaces

Parking spaces for people with disabilities, special spots for electric or extra-large cars.

Extra comfort when you travel
Finding a parking spot in the city is difficult. Finding a parking spot right next to the airport, where you can leave your car safely, where you can take care of your luggage and prepare your trip without having to feel like you must jump out of the taxi before it stops, seems like a luxury. But this luxury is a necessity for people with disabilities. And what is the biggest downside of airport parking and all types of parking for these people? When dedicated spots are occupied by other cars and nobody does anything about it.

Premium services for all travelers
At the Olimpia Airport Parking, we think that everybody should be able to travel safely, without this event having to be a stressful one. Surely, we can take care of our part of the responsibility. We have spaces saved for the cars of people with disabilities, marked as such and kept vacant for those who truly need it.

Apart from a simple marking, our surveillance system and the reservation-based parking spot allocation system, allow us to ensure the best administration of the parking spots. These are well signaled and well positioned, granting you quick access to the automated pay points or to the pay desk.

You drive a large car and you have trouble fitting in tight parking spots? Olimpia Parking has up to 1500 parking spots, inside and outside, for various height regimens, with or without electric charging units.