Pay Online, at Pay Points or at the Cash Desk

Paying for the parking spot can be done online, at the automated pay point, or at the cash desk, by cash or card.

You have a transparent and accessible payment system!
Once you have booked your plane ticket, you can do the same with the parking spot in our complex. Prices are transparent and accessible, the system can be checked at any time, and payments can be done in any way that is more convenient. All services are available non-stop.

Pay in advance or at the end
You can pay the whole sum at the moment of the reservation, provided that you know the duration of your trip. Wondering how much airport parking costs in case there are changes to your travel dates? You can easily administer the reservation directly from the system. For delayed departures due to a postponement of your return flight, our system will know to automatically start charging the extra fee. The cost difference can be paid in the same system: online, at the automated pay points in the parking lot or at the cash desk.

Everything is designed to expedite the process and to help you be on your way as soon as possible. Because the last thing you need once you have just landed is to deal with formalities only to take your own car out of the parking lot. Payment is fast and accessible, it is immediately registered in the system, and you can already head for one of our well signaled exits, a barrier with a license plate reading system.