Smart Parking System

You benefit from intelligent design, ParkEyes monitoring, automated processes, and FindMyCar.

Discover an intelligent parking management system
We know you don’t have time to lose, so in our parking lot, everything is automated. Even since the design phase, our parking lot was meant to help you gain time and move swiftly. Then, we automated absolutely all processes that made it possible.

Technology made to serve you
From the barrier that recognizes your car’s license plates, to the online booking and payment available so that you only need to park and be on your way, to the monitoring system that covers every inch of the parking lot, and the “FindMyCar” system which tells you exactly where your car is, all these processes have been automated.

You have fast entry and fast exit thanks to the license plate reading system, for long-term parking, as well as for express parking. You have all the help of the intelligent ParkEyes system, which will guide you to your allocated spot. Then, to easily find your car in the parking lot.

There is no faster or more efficient private car park experience in Romania. If you have had a long trip and you cannot recall exactly where you left your car, you have our smart pay points that will guide you and give you an update. If there are any additional costs, not covered by the initial payment, like an extension of the parking period, or the value of the electric recharge, you will find all this information from our helpful machines. Moreover, you can make payments there. All you have left to do is to get in your car and set off, to your home or a new destination.