The Biggest Private Parking Lot

Almost 1500 parking spots and over 30 charging stations for electric cars.

No booking? No worries!
Although you have the option of booking your parking spot, even with up to 6 months before the departure date, it is ok even if you do not. Olimpia Airport Parking has almost 1500 parking spaces, indoors or outdoors.

Premium services for a pleasant experience
You like to travel comfortably, and you plan everything as well as possible in advance. But when things must get solved quickly, Olimpia Airport Parking is the place where you gain valuable time. We have a parking lot large enough to accommodate almost 1500 cars at the same time, in a well-built structure done by some of the best constructors in Europe. There are sufficient spaces for long-term parking, as well as for express parking.

You have an electric car and you are afraid you will not find a parking spot? We have 36 parking spaces equipped with normal charging units and 2 parking spaces for fast charging. Forget about your previous experiences with limited parking spaces for electric cars. Your car will be comfortably waiting for you in our parking lot, fully charged, and ready to take you home as soon as you land. Charging electric cars is an additional cost and will be on the receipt received upon your pick-up. In case you have already paid for parking, you can pay for the difference with any of the payment means put at your disposal.

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