Very Close to the Airport

At only 200 meters away, this guarded parking is the closest to the airport.

Gain time!
You have the fastest parking experience of all available options around the Henri Coandă airport. At ca. 200 meters away, the Olimpia Airport Parking is the closest to the terminal, and the internal management parking systems increase efficiency, so you move faster.

You’re parked, you’re on your way!
Reserve your parking spot right after you have booked a flight and you no longer have to wonder how you are going to get to the airport with the luggage, how much time in advance you need to call a taxi, or how long it will take you to get from a parking lot to the Otopeni airport and to deal with the formalities.

Get to the airport at your own speed. A journey by personal car to the airport allows you to handle your own luggage, to take them to the car and to handle them in your own time, instead of getting thrown around by a busy taxi driver. Traveling with a small child? There are no taxies or cars in the ride-sharing system that have baby seats for small children. But your car has.

We have created the highest performing parking lot management system. You have 6 exits and 6 fast entries, video surveyed parking spots, an access system based on automated license plate reading for faster access. Moreover, even though we are so close to the airport that you could reach it by foot in a couple of minutes, we still offer a comfortable shuttle to make your experience more comfortable and to fulfil our promise of time saving.